Breast Cancer Explained

Breast cancer is a condition when cell growth of breast cells gets out of control.  As anywhere else in the human body, tissue cells are in a continuum of growth and death. in the breast, when this pattern of balance gets out of control, the cells proliferate in a haphazard way and a lump will form. only when this lump grows large for example more than 10cm. size can it be felt by the human hand.  cancer growth in the breast is usually slow growing and this can take years of growth to reach this size.


Just like cancer anywhere else in the body, if it is diagnosed in its early stage of development, the treatment options are simple and extremely effective.  Early recognition will result in a cure rate of breast cancer in excess of 90%.


Breast cancer is very common and the lifetime risk of a Western woman getting the disease is now about 1 in 7.  It is the commonest cancer in women and worldwide about 1.250.000 new cases will occur this year.


Although it is common women it also occurs in men in the ratio of 1:100


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