I am perfectly well...........early cancer has no symptoms


There is no breast cancer in my family...........about 80% of all breast cancers are spontaneous.




All mammograms are the same......not true.......Ensure you get a high quality mammogram as is legally required in the USA or Sweden.  Following upon this mammograms must be accurate and should not be covered with a report saying they are inaccurate etc. which is common practice in SA.


The X-ray dose is large........completely untrue......the background radiation can be larger especially if you are traveling in a modern jet aircraft at high altitude.


Mammograms hurt.......if properly done with modern equipment, this is totally untrue.


My Doctor says he can feel small lumps and that small breasts don’t get breast cancer........totally untrue because by the time a lump is felt, the cancer has been growing for a very long time and by far, the most lumps discovered are by the patients themselves.  Therefore don’t be reassured when a Health Professional tells you that your breasts are normal with a hand examination.


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